JSC “Atakent” was created by decree of Ministers Cabinet Kazakhstan Republic dated August 17, 1992 №688 “On the Formation of the Kazakhstan center of business cooperation”.

“Atakent” company has the legal form of a joint stock company and it was established in accordance with the Civil Code of RK and by the President’s decree, this form has the force of law.

JSC “Atakent” has a general license, which allows holding international exhibitions. The main activity – international exhibitions.

The founders and top-managers of JSC “Atakent” have enough sufficient capacity and experience to meet the challenges in the implementation of the project.

JSC “Atakent” has high investment attractiveness, significant economic, exhibition and resource potential in order to maintain the leading position of exhibition activity in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, also in CIS countries. Services provided by JSC «Atakent» comply with the international level of exhibition services.


Over the years “Atakent” held purposeful work on the reconstruction of the pavilions, buildings and other infrastructure.

Partnerships with well-known western companies were established, and a team of highly qualified professionals was formed. Due to this JSC “Atakent” became one of the major international centers of the CIS and Eastern Europe for the exhibitions, fairs, and testing new technologies and innovations.

Today JSC “Atakent” is known not only abroad of Kazakhstan, but also beyond the CIS. Because of the coordinated work of the whole team, a considerable success in all directions was achieved.

Nowadays, due to the dedicated work on the reconstruction of the pavilions and buildings, JSC “Atakent” has developed into one of the largest exhibition centers in Central Asia and the CIS. Every year 50-60 national and international exhibitions with the participation of more than 8 000 foreign firms and companies are held in the JSC “Atakent”.

Financial and economic activities of “Atakent” :

  • Exhibitions and fairs;
  • Commercial activity;
  • Construction and investment activity;
  • Entertainment and recreation;
  • Improvement of the environment.

In market conditions the main task of “Atakent” has been and remains the organization and holding of exhibitions and fairs. This exibitions helps companies to show their products and create the image. The result of this exibitions and fairs is attracting the latest technologies, the signing mutually beneficial contracts, opening of branches. But time demands dynamically develop all spheres of life. That is why in the twenty-first century the JSC “Atakent” has new challenges:

  • Building strong economic, scientific-technical and cultural relations of Kazakhstan with other countries, international organizations and companies, as well as all-round expansion of previously established relationships with businesses, companies and States, already had experience of constructive cooperation with the “Atakent”;
  • Organizing and conducting exhibitions, auctions, tenders, trade fairs, exchange and international trade;
  • The development of modern technopark structures;
  • Development of international industrial and technological cooperation between enterprises;
  • Establishment on the territory of the Republic, as well as in other states of mutually beneficial foreign investments and loans;
  • Demonstration of domestic and foreign latest achievements of science and technology, also establishing business contacts which helps with implementation in production;
  • Helping to domestic and foreign partners with creating of mutually beneficial economic relations;
  • Support entrepreneurial activity, providing practical assistance for entities and citizens in administrative, economic, monetary and financial, and contractual and legal matters;
  • Development of tourism;
  • Organization of entertaining and cultural events, as well as providing high-quality service for people in Almaty.