Leisure and entertainment

indexWellness Centre Dolphin Fitness & Spa– is a place for the whole family, located in the park, where adults and children can strengthen their health and spend a weekend together.

The fitness and aerobic will help you to always be in good shape, and feel great. The “Dolphin Fitness & Spa” has regular club events, parties, sporting events; moreover everybody could participate in these events.

DOLPHIN FITNESS & SPA – a harmonious combination of modern techniques and multi-technical equipment, flexible service and high professionalism of the coaching staff, comfortable atmosphere and safety.


Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, 050057, Timiryazev 42 (IEC Atakent, №6 Pavilion)
Phone: +7 727 245 95 00, +7 727 274-84-84
Fax: +7 727 275-15-98
E-mail: info@dolphin-fitness.kz
Web-site: www.dfit.kz

1 (106)Bloom Ville is a city within a city. And it’s not just the ordinary city; it is the city where you and your children can forget about growing up and to plunge into naughtiness, and other attractive things. We have tried to combine in Bloom Ville everything you need for an unforgettable family vacation: fun games, tasty food and a cozy atmosphere.

You can spend with us a pleasant family dinner or celebrate your holiday!

Your children can have fun, socialize with peers with the same interests, make new friends and play interesting games, and on weekends animators will entertain your children.

What we have:
– Studio for creative work, where your children can engage in hand made, coloring favorite characters, or just paint.

As optional we have “Aqua make-up” services, carried out with the permission of parents.
– Party room, game room, it has a game console x-box, it is large enough for mass games.
– Children’s disco.
– Children’s maze for children up to 6 years.
– Play Centre (in the hall).

Also you can see cheerful dance flash mob by your children. Adults also can take part in dance and in competitions.

– On stage we also show cartoons.

On weekends and holidays, we make a festive pinata.

Family Fun Center “Bloom Ville” and “Вуаля!” Invite you into a world full of amusing adventures, surprises and exciting discoveries.

Address: Kazakhstan, Almaty, 050057, Timiryazev 42 (IEC Atakent, pavilion №19)
Phone: +7 (727) 327 14 89 +7 701 798 58 93 +7 701 798 86 08
E-mail: vualya.bloomville@bloomville.kz
Web-site: www.bloomville.kz